7 logical reasons for cats to spray in the house

By | October 21, 2022
7 logical reasons for cats to spray in the house

Spraying is a really unhealthy behavior in cats and extra as a result of it pollutes the setting in the house and there’s an excessive want to clear the house again and again, which leads to a drudgery for the cat proprietor. Although it is a widespread drawback for cat homeowners, most of them nonetheless will not be conscious of the actual reasons why cats carry out this habits.

So, let's discover the attainable reasons why cats spray in the house.

To mark their territory

Cats are territorial creatures and have a behavior of marking their territory by spraying. When an outdoor cat does that, it means she retains the space to herself. While a home cat urinates in areas the place she thinks part of the house belongs to her.

When cats are in warmth

Cats typically scent excellent. They are simply attracted to the scent of the spray. Spraying cats in warmth to divert the consideration of male cats to mating them. The solely manner to clear up this example is to have the cat castrated.

Due to Illness

If your cat is in poor health, she is going to spray into the house, which suggests the bathroom habits will change and they’ll vomit after consuming, not consuming in any respect, or behaving abnormally. If you discover something uncommon along with your cat, instantly take her to the vet for examination.

Presence of one other cat in the family

If you have got simply adopted one other kitten, there could be a way of competitors below the strains that might spill the cat out of the litter field to her discomfort to present the new member of the family.

Moving or Changing the Cat Toilet

If you have got moved or modified the cat litter field, it’s time to let the cat find out about the change by placing it on the cat litter field a number of instances get used to the change and don’t spray into the house.

Relocated to a brand new house

If you moved to a brand new house, the cat is not going to know the place the litter field place and the new setting are, it should spray into the house. Here you convey the cat a number of instances to the new house earlier than the precise transfer, in order that they turn into conscious of the place of the litter field.


Once a cat is over 9 years outdated, its joints might turn into stiff and painful. She might lose management of her bladder and her bowels. This is the very first thing to hold in thoughts when your cat is outdated and spraying exterior the cat litter field.

Cats are great pets who love to keep clear. Since when your cat sprays indoors, it will be important to take into consideration the reasons for this peculiar habits, as cats often don’t urinate exterior of litter bins, until it is a actual concern.

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