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Basic Cat Overview

Basic cat is a great early-mid game meatshield that can be used to block enemy attacks, protecting your damage dealers. This is the first cat you unlock in the game and can be useful throughout. The true form Mohawk Cat increases health and damage by double

Evolves into Macho Cat at level 10

Evolves into Mohawk Cat at level 30 (20+10)



In Empire of Cats basic cat in all of its forms are useful. The first chapter (The battle cats rising) it can be used as a damage dealer for the first few levels and can be used as a damage absorber around halfway in, the second chapter makes Cat less of a necessity but can help in levels like Moon and Alaska. The last chapter in empire of cats (Revival Of Bahamut Cat) makes cat even less needed with a few exceptions eg. Moon and Hawaii.


In Into the future basic cat is good for meatshielding and nothing else with a few exceptions. Time enough for cats is fairly simple and can be compared to EOC 3 but there are some levels where cat shines like Moon or the early levels. By ITF 2 you should have Bahamut cat which can be protected by basic cat. By mid ITF 2 crazed cats start to replace basic cat and it becomes more useless in Ancients Arise


In cats of the cosmos the loadout is limited thanks to restrictions. Basic cat can be useful in normal cat restrictions and that’s pretty much it because it gets replaced by M. Mohawk and the other meatshields.

HealthAttack PowerAttack RangeAttack FrequencyMovement SpeedKnockbackAttack animationRecharge Time
100 HP8 damage1401.23 seconds103 times8f2 seconds
Health (Lv.MAX)Attack Power (Lv.MAX)Attack TypeSpecial Ability
4200 HP335 damageSingle TargetNone
Macho Cat
Health (Lv.MAX)Attack Power (Lv.MAX)Attack RangeAttack FrequencyMovement SpeedKnockbackAttack animationRecharge Time
4200 HP335 damage1401.23 seconds103 times8f2 seconds
Attack TypeSpecial Ability
Single TargetNone
Mohawk Cat
Health (Lv.MAX)Attack Power (Lv.MAX)Attack RangeAttack FrequencyMovement SpeedKnockbackAttack animationRecharge Time
8400 HP672 damage1401.23 seconds103 times8f2 seconds
Lv.MAXAttack TypeSpecial Ability
Lvl. 20+80Single TargetNone

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