Hack Battle Cats! How To Get Free Cat Food and XP!

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Hack Battle Cats! How To Get Free Cat Food and XP!

Want to add unlimited Cat Food and other resources to your Battle Cats Account? Since you are on this page, you must be searching for some working Battle Cats Hack that can generate Free Cat Food. You are now at the right place. Here you can actually add unlimited Cat Food to your game for FREE! We present you the best and only working The Battle Cats Hack! We also call it Battle Cats Cat Food Hack as it can generate free resources!

Battle Cats is a game which is quite addictive when it comes to gaming. This game has been here, in the market for some time and we haven’t stopped enjoying it. With the coming updates and new levels and enemies, it just becomes much more fun. If you are looking for some Battle Cats Cheats, keep reading!

UPDATE: This Hack tool works as of today (22/06/2019) and will keep working as our developers keep checking the tool every day! Don’t worry, it always works and is 100% Safe!

Good News! The Hack Tool has been more than 6 months old now and you can use it to add Free Cat Food and XP and unlock special (hidden) cats for FREE! Go to the Generator now!

UPDATE 2: Hack updated to get you Third forms of Uber Rare and Super Rare Cats! Enjoy!

It is easy to play for some people but some of us get stuck on some level and can’t defeat the enemy. In that case, we require an extra push which can help us get past that block that we had and continue playing normally. Now if you can relate to the above-said thing, you must use this hack tool and add free resources like Cat Food to your account and have all the fun you want! Use our hack tool by clicking the Link below.


In this article, I will discuss The Battle Cats Hack, the game itself, how the hack tool works, how to hack Battle Cats, how to use this tool to Hack Battle Cats for Android as well as iOS, etc. so stay tuned and keep reading if you want to know more about the tool before using it.

About The Battle Cats Game


The Battle Cats is a strategy game developed by PONOS. The game is available for iOS, Android, and Nintendo 3DS. The game is very popular in Japan and Korea and was launched in 2011. The English version came out in 2012 but it was deleted from both App Store and Play Store. It was relaunched in 2014 for Android and iOS and has been entertaining us all!

Battle Cats is an amazing multiplayer game. The gameplay is good enough to keep you hooked for a long time and during that time, a day comes when we get stuck, or when we need an extra boost, or we want to get everything upgraded. In that situation, a hack tool is the only thing that can rescue us. Fortunately, we got this Hack Tool developed by our professional coders and have made it public.

Anyone can use this hack tool any number of times and add free resources!

The Battle Cats Gameplay

How to Hack Battle Cats?

Our Generator is quite easy to use. It doesn’t require any special skills from your side. Our Professional Coders were instructed to make it as easy to use as possible. To get free resources, just follow the instructions given below step by step and you will have infinite Cat Food for free within 5 minutes! This is the simplest and fastest tool that you can find. Just follow the steps:

Visit our Generator by clicking here.

the battle cats hack

  1. Select the device (iOS or Android) where the game is installed currently and click Next.
  2. Select the amount of Cat Food you require. Click on the Proxy option and select the YES option (to remain anonymous) and then click Generate.
  3. When you click the Generate button, the hacking process will start which will get into the databases of the game and add free cat food to your account.

If you were following the instructions, you will have all the resources in your Battle Cats Account by now (which will help you level up). If not, try to follow the above procedure again and it should work this time.

We made sure that our generator works properly and our users don’t have to face any issues while using it so we made it easy to use and got it tested by several Gamers out there. They all tested the tool and they all got their resources for free!

Is this tool safe?

You must be thinking why our hack tool is free to use. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, let me assure you, this is the best tool that you can find on the Internet. This generator is best not because we are saying it but because everyone said this in their review.

It is the best tool because Professional coders wrote the whole program which was then embedded on our site so that everyone can use it. It is best because it makes sure that your identity remains anonymous. It is best because it makes sure that you are 100% Secure. It is best because it makes sure that no account gets banned or get caught while using the tool.

Below are the advantages of this hack tool and why it is safe to use it.

  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Anonymous
  • Uses Proxies
  • Makes sure you don’t get caught while using it
  • No Account Bans
  • Always updated
  • Requires simple verification to avoid Exploitation of the generator
  • Will not get patched by developers because we have it hosted securely

These are the points enough to tell you that this is the safest option for you! If you still don’t trust it, you are welcome to leave but let me tell you one thing – you will not find any better alternative!

Battle Cats Cheats

Some people think that using the hack tool might not be good for them but let me assure you – the Hack Tool is the best option you’ve got. The Battle Cats Cheats might be able to help you a bit but they are absolutely not enough to get you through if you are stuck.

Some of the cheats that we think are good enough to be listed here are:

Unlocking Flower Cat using the Hack Tool

This is the most common and most known cheat for Battle Cats. What you can do is you can unlock a special cat called the Flower Cat. This cat is useful as it has better attacking ability plus it can sometimes block the attacks of black enemies.

How to apply this cheat? Simple! On the Cat Base Menu screen, you will see a door. Drag the handle of the door to the right multiple times. The door opens and there are some cats with red eyes and meow sounds. Just keep repeating this process a few times and you will get a notice saying that you have unlocked the Flower Cat.

You can then use the Special Cats menu to access this newly unlocked cat! This is the most common Cheat for Battle Cats.

As I said before, the cheats are not enough to get all the features (resources) so going with the hack tool is the best bet! Check out the proofs below that our Hack Tool works!

The Battle Cats Mod APK – Do we need it?

You might have seen people using Mod APKs and must’ve thought why do they use them. Well, the Mod APKs are no where near the Online Hack Tools. The MOD APKs need to be installed over the original game and might contain harmful codes.

Other than that, on installing the APK, you might lose your progress in the game and might have to start from the beginning. No one wants that, right? This is why you don’t need to use the Battle Cats Mod APK. All you have to do is use our hack tool and you will be good to go! Don’t wait. Just go to the end of this page and add Unlimited Cat Food to your Battle Cats Account!

The Battle Cats Hack APK

The Battle Cats Hack APK is nothing but the mod itself. We don’t need that as I stated the problems with the Mod APKs above. The solution to all the hacks and mods is the Battle Cats Online Hack Tool that we have created and can be used by you right now!

I want The Battle Cats Hack for Android!

If you have an Android device, you can use our Battle Cats Hack Android and add free cat food. This generator is compatible with the Android framework and will make sure you get the resources (cat food and XP) when you verify your identity (that you are not a bot)!

I want The Battle Cats Hack for iOS!

If you own an Apple device and have the game installed on iOS, you are still eligible to use our generator. This hack tool is made in a way that it is compatible with iOS too! All you have to do is select your device when using the generator and it will work normally. This tool works for iPhone and iPad both (all the iOS devices)!

Does this Online Hack require Root or Jailbreak?

No, you don’t have to have your Android phone Rooted or your iPhone Jailbroken. This hack tool modifies the settings in the server of the game and not the phone where the game is installed. No matter if you have downloaded the game from the Google Play Store or App Store or if you used some external site to download the IPA or APK files. This tool will work whatever be the situation.

We made sure that anyone could use this generator and now we are presenting it to the public! You won’t even require the Battle Cats Mod APK as our hack tool makes sure you get the resources in your currently installed game.

About The Battle Cats Hack Tool

The Hack Tool, also called, Battle Cats Cat Food Hack is the best hack tool as explained by me above. This hack tool was made by some of the best Professional programmers who were hired for the sole purpose to make a generator which could be used by everyone.

I was once stuck at a place and needed a boost. Obviously, there was no option for me. I thought ‘Why not create a Hack Tool that lets you add Free Cat Food?’ and I made it my primary project. I got a team of coders who had experience in this field and we developed this amazing hack tool!

It uses Proxies to make sure that the person using it is always anonymous. Along with that, it uses several other methods, techniques, and algorithms to add resources to the user’s account. It targets the Official Databases and sneaks into them and adds resources without getting caught!

I won’t go into technical details but I guess this was enough to give you a brief idea about this tool. We also sometimes call it The Battle Cats Cheats Tool as it basically helps you cheat the game without any problem!

No matter what you call it, we all know what it does and why we require it! 😀

the battle cats hack

the battle cats hack generator

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