Battle Cats Tips and Tricks

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Battle Cats Tips and Tricks

Battle Cats Tips and Tricks

“Let’s try that again” or “I messed up but don’t want to waste energy” trick

– If you are on a stage and close out of The Battle Cats app while playing, when you try resuming it, there will be a pop-up asking you if you want to start the stage from the beginning again (declining will bring you to the title screen and will not refund cat energy). As long as your base hasn’t reached 0 yet, you can use this trick to replay as stage as many times as you like. This is particularly useful if you are losing a battle. If you are on Android, be careful not to click “Uninstall”!


“Infinite Energy Trick” or “Ain’t nobody got time for waiting” trick

– Android – Make sure the Battle Cats app is closed. Set your clock a few hours back. Open the Battle Cats app all the way up to the menu. Then close the app and set your clock back to regular time. Open up Battle Cats again and your energy should’ve been filled proportionally to the time you skipped. Note: this doesn’t work for trying to get more daily silver tickets, and changing the time might make you missed out on daily login rewards.

– For iOS – (If you’re currently on Battle Cats, close it with multi-task(double tap home)) Go to your settings, general, and date and time. Set automatic time to off (if you have it on, otherwise ignore this step) and manually set the date back 2 days. Re-open Battle Cats and once you skip the beginning cutscene, you should be at the main menu. Multi-task quit it once again and change the date back to the current date. Re-open Battle Cats and all your energy should be restored! If you get an error message, set automatic time, wait for it to calibrate the time, and turn it off. Redo all the steps here once you’ve done this to fix errors. Not endorsed by Nurse Wuffa.


“Scum Saving” trick

– Android- Download the Helium app and back up your save file. Use your cat food/gold tickets/silver tickets to “preview” what you will get. Restore your save file afterwards. NOTE: Your draws are predetermined up to a certain number of cats. If you draw a pogo cat and restore your data and draw again, you will get another pogo cat. However, if you draw an uber rare from one event (let’s say Cat Babies, boo, from the Dynamites), you can restore your data and wait till the next gacha event. If you draw this time, your next draw will be a guaranteed Uber Rare from that set (so you have a chance at getting one of the OP dragon emperors).


Hacking Battle Cats

~Disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to hack Battle Cats, as it will take the fun out of playing the game, and assume no responsibility if anything goes wrong and you mess up your device. You have been thoroughly warned~


Preface– Most of your Battle Cats data is saved on your device, so you can hack the game in 2 ways: Switch out the save file for a hacked one [Root required for Android, no Jailbreak required for iOS], or actively alter values in the app (which allows you to access unreleased content) [Root/Jailbreak required]. Since I am only familiar with the former, I can only discuss how to do that. If you want to perform the latter action, ask someone else who has done it before.


First, download a hacked save. For iOS, you will need a program that allows you to access your apps and data (ex: iFunBox). Find the Battle Cats and replace all the necessary files with the ones from the hacked save. Make sure the app is off before doing this. For Android, you just need a Rooted device and to replace the save file with the hacked one.


Hacked saves (Link might be taken down at any given time):

iOS <Almost maxed XP and Cat Food, no chapter/SoL progression>

iOS <All cats (including all gacha, up to Ancient Hero Souls, all true forms>

Android: <None at the moment>

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