Battle Cats Treasure: All There Is To Know About It!

By | November 23, 2022
Battle Cats Treasure: All There Is To Know About It!

Most games provide ratings after each level, some in the form of stars, others through diluted adjectives like incredible, awesome, fantastic, and so on. Presented in a unique manner, The Battle Cats online game also possess those features in the form of Battle Cats treasure.

Unlike most titles, Battle Cats treasure play a significant role in the performance and progression of your units. Battle Cats treasures are unique items awarded at the end of each level. Despite being unknown to some players, Battle Cats treasures are an essential component in unlocking passive abilities for both the characters and the gameplay.

How to Get The Battle Cats Treasure in the Game?

Concealed behind each level is a single Battle Cats treasure. Each main level has three chapters, all of which includes three sets of Battle Cats treasure. Each treasure is available in three distinct classes: inferior, normal, and superior, to which the potency of the item relies on. Similar to the ones listed under the upgrade menu, these passive abilities add to the strength, speed, and efficiency of the player’s units in the battlefield. In order to enjoy the full benefits of this feature, players must collect the superior counterpart of each Battle Cats treasure. To achieve this feat, players must either grind or utilize the Treasure Radar power-up to get an instant access to the level’s treasure.

Passive abilities unlocked by the player will stay with his entire army of Battle Cats throughout the duration of the game. Thus, it is highly advised that players must seek out superior Battle Cats treasures contained within the main level to maximize the effect of each ability. Just like the icing, which is not really a required element in baking a cake, Battle Cats treasures will not thwart the game progression. However, taking advantage of these items will make for a more fun and exciting game.

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