Battle of Cats Stories of Legend Chapters & Into The Future

Battle of Cats Stories of Legend Chapters & Into The Future

Stories of Legend Chapters & Into The Future

Stories of Legend chapters are significantly harder than the regular chapters, so it is highly recommended that you get 100% (or close to it) treasures in all previous 3 chapters. Cats here cost as much as they do in Chapter 2. In SoL, there is no God. ٩(ↀДↀ)۶


(4.1) Stories of Legend Subchapters

Finishing these subchapters will give you 30 cat food (one time bonus). Beating one will unlock the next. Currently there are 21 subchapters, each with 8 or 6 stages. For strategies against specific stages and/or SoL events, check out Nurse Wuffa’s youtube channel. Note that all SoL stages have an extremely low chance to drop a power up or XP, and some even have a very low chance to drop a special cat.

*Villain’s Jungle (found in Alcatraz) is currently the only SoL stage that has a chance to drop a treasure radar (and the only stage to cost a non multiple of 5 energy, 112).


Completing a stage will unlock the next star difficulty (2 then 3). Star difficulties allow you to recomplete the subchapter at a higher difficulty (1.5x increased enemy strength magnification on 2-star and 2x increased enemy strength magnification on 3-star) and redeem 30 cat food upon completion.

Current Star difficulties enabled:

3-Star: The Legend Begins → Stairway to Darkness

2-Star: Prince of Darkness → Scars of War

1-Star: Sea Polluter

(4.2) Daily Stages

These timed stages re-occur from time to time, usually on a fixed schedule. Beating these stages gives a chance at dropping a power-up item or cat.


-(Stage name)-(Duration)-(# of stages)- Loot

Monday Stage (24 hrs)(3)- Rich Cat

Tuesday Stage (24 hrs)(3)- Speed Up

Wednesday Stage (24 hrs)(3)- Cat Jobs

Thursday Stage (24 hrs)(3)- Sniper Cat

Friday Stage (24 hrs)(3)- Cat CPU

Weekend XP Stage (48 hrs)(6)- Extra XP (compared to other stages)


Crimson Catastrophe (Mondays, 24 hrs)(1)- Space Cat (40%)

Heaven of Darkness (Wednesdays, 24 hrs)(1)- Bronze Cat (40%)

Peerless (Fridays, 24 hrs)(1)- Rope Jump Cat (40%)

Wrath of Heaven (Saturdays, 24 hrs) (1)- Clockwork Cat (30%)

Sweet Irony (Tuesdays, 24 hrs)(1)- Hoop Cat (30%)

Dimension of Despair (Thursdays, 24 hrs)(1)- Drumcorps Cat (30%)


Silver Ticket Chance Stage (1 hr)(1)- Silver Ticket (30%)

-There’s a schedule for when this stage occurs. Stages activate in your timezone. (The first number is the date of the month, the second is the time):

1st – 7pm

2nd – 12pm

6th – 12pm

8th – 6pm

12th – 3pm

13th – 12pm

17th – 7pm

19th – 12pm

20th – 5pm

23rd – 2pm

25th – 12pm

28th – 4pm

Siege of Hippoe Stage (1 hr)(1)- Silver Ticket (100%)

– Occurs 3 times every month.

4th – 7pm to 8pm

14th – 10pm to 11pm

24th – 7pm to 8pm


XP Stage (Scheduled, 1 hr)(6)- Extra XP

– This is the same stage as the weekend XP stage, just at specific times.

1st, 11th, 21st, 31st – 1pm

2nd, 12th, 22nd – 2pm

3rd, 13th, 23rd – 3pm

4th, 14th, 24th – 4pm

5th, 15th, 25th – 5pm

6th, 16th, 26th – 6pm

7th, 17th, 27th – 7pm

8th, 18th, 28th – 8pm

9th, 19th, 29th – 9pm

10th, 20th, 30th – 10pm

XP Megablitz Stage (Scheduled, 1 hr)(1)- Extra XP, XP drop chance (?%)

3rd – 12pm

5th – 7pm

9th – 12pm

15th – 12pm

18th – 12pm

20th – 10pm

22nd – 12pm

26th – 10pm

30th – 12pm


2x Treasure Chance (Scheduled, 1 hr) (Not a stage)

Mondays – 12pm – 1pm

Wednesdays – 9pm – 10pm

Fridays – 12pm – 1pm


Crazed Cat Stages (1 level per stage)

– Hard+++ levels (The first stage is titled “Dark Souls” for crying out loud) that are immensely difficult (you really want true forms for these) but give an amazing crazed cat unit upon beating them. These stages happen every 3rd day of the month, with a different stage each time. Stages repeat every month.

(day)-(reward)-(stage name)(misc)

3rd – Crazed Cat – Dark Souls (referencing the Dark Souls game and hinting how hard the game and the Crazed Cat stage is)

6th – Crazed Tank Cat – Absolute Defense (referencing the tank cat’s high health)

9th – Crazed Axe Cat – Berserk (referencing the attack speed of axe cat)

12th – Crazed Gross Cat – Festival Gross (referencing the amount of Grosses spawned)

15th – Crazed Cow Cat – Head Shaker (referencing its attack animation)

18th – Crazed Bird Cat – Flappy Cat (referencing the game Flappy Bird)

21st – Crazed Fish Cat – Fish Hell (referencing the amount of Fishes spawned)

24th – Crazed Lizard Cat – Mammals? (referencing if lizard cat is really a mammal)

27th – Crazed Titan Cat – Crazy Cats (referencing the personality of the crazed cats)


Awakening Stages (2 levels per stage)

– Hard/Hard+ levels that are hard to extremely hard in difficulty (assuming you have crazed cats) but reward you with the true form of the corresponding cat. Stages appear by a certain cat order every weekend and repeat every month.

As of October 2015, Awakening stages now recur in two day intervals every month from 7am to 2pm on the first day, and 5pm to 12am on the second.

(day)-(event name)-(stage name)-(misc)


1st & 2nd – Dom Awakens! – Whipped into Shape (referencing Dom Cat’s whip and the phrase for exercising/training)

3rd & 4th – Panties Awakens – No Frills Evolution (referencing how pointless the lollipop cat is(?))

5th & 6th – Kung Fu Awakens! – Path of Kung-Fu (referencing dedicating one’s life to kung fu)

7th & 8th – Bondage Awakens! – Bound to Evolve (referencing a play on words with “bound” (tying) and “bound” (heading towards)).

9th & 10th – Zombie Awakens – Shambling Along (referencing the way zombies walk)

11th & 12th – Boogie Awakens! – Boogie Up (referencing PARTYING!!!!111)

13th & 14th – Samurai Awakens! – Way of the Samurai (possibly referencing a video game series of the same name)

15th & 16th – Box Cats Awakens! – Boxing Clever (referencing the phrase “to use one’s resources beyond conventional ways.”)

17th & 18th – Ninja Awakens! – Way of the Ninja (referencing Way of the Samurai)

19th & 20th – Mr. Awakens! – Mr.-ious Evolution (referencing a pun with the words Mr. and mysterious)

21st & 22nd – Tricycle Awakens – Hell on 3 Wheels (referencing the difficulty of the stage and the tricycle)

23rd & 24th – Skirt Awakens – Skirting Danger (referencing a play on words with the clothing skirt and the other skirt (to go around)

25th & 26th – Sumo Awakens – Oh Yokozuna (referencing the highest rank of a sumo wrestler, a Yokozuna.)

27th & 28th – Actress Awakens! – Taking the Stage (referencing how celebrities usually “take the stage”)

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