Cat 5, 5E, 6 and 6A Cables – Distance and Speed ​​Limitations

By | April 16, 2022
Cat 5, 5E, 6 and 6A Cables – Distance and Speed ​​Limitations

A simplified abstract of the specs for the most typical classes used immediately can assist you identify what's best for you.


Category 5-100 Mbps 100 meters (328 toes)

Category 5e-1 Gigabit / s-100 Meter (328ft)

Category 6- three gigabits / sec – 100 meters (328 toes)

Category 6A – 10 Gigabit / s – 100 Meters

If you could have very quick battery life, you might be able to use the cable at a decrease score than formally required. For instance, with a 10 gigabit software, it’s often potential to go on a Category 6 cable as much as 35 meters. Another potential software is a 30-foot run at three gigabit on a Cat 5e cable, which ought to work accurately due to its quick runtime. If you could have the luxurious of attempting out quick purposes, you might be able to use cables with a decrease class than the 100-meter cable for the required pace.

There are additionally concerns when the cable is operated close to energy traces or fluorescent lights the place there’s the potential for elevated crosstalk which will must be dealt with. In a nicely-designed datacenter cable structure, there are sometimes 4 separate layers of cable, together with copper, fiber optic, energy, and floor. Certain cable layouts have crosstalk concerns which will point out using (ScTP) shielded pairs or (STP) shielded pairs and total shielding quite than unshielded (UTP) twisted pair cable.

Installation can also be essential to make sure this. The system gives the requirements for which the parts are designed. Sloppy punch-downs on the 110 patch panels can intrude with system operation.

Also, a Cat5E jumper serialized right into a system of Cat 6 cable parts brings all the Cat 6 run to Cat 5e degree or much less.

Finally, it is very important align the info system to future necessities. If the system must be upgraded within the foreseeable future for larger frequencies or longer runs, or a mix of each, it would usually be far more expensive if labor prices are taken into consideration to make main adjustments. Therefore, the cable degree ought to embody the elevated preliminary set up capabilities required sooner or later.

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