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The Battle Cats PC Cheats, Hacks & Download

With every game introduced, it comes with cheats and hacks to obtain unlimited resources. After you have downloaded the game, you unlocked several cats, and level them up. You feel that the boost in insufficient. Hence to cater to the thirst of our readers, we decided to feature a simple hack for players to obtain unlimited resources… Read More »

The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Event: What’s To Know?

Event stages have been a staple add-on to a large margin of video game titles. The reason for this is that these missions provide an alternate narrative that is unique to the main plot. Aside from that, event stages are a great source of in-game currency including both rare and regular items. Let us do… Read More »

The Battle Cats Basic Chapters Guide

Chapter 1: When you first start Battle Cats, you will only be able to access chapter 1, and the “Battle” and “Upgrade” menus. Only after beating stage 1-7 (Japan) will you be able to access the rest of the menu options. The first six stages are simple and only have to spam all your cats… Read More »

Features of The Battle Cats Game

The Battle Cats is a popular online game featuring simple yet cute cats! The game currently has 7 different chapters which are grouped into 3 different themes as mentioned on the Main Page. The game publisher, PONOS, released the game on 17th sep 2014. After all these years, the popularity of The Battle Cats game doesn’t seem… Read More »

Battle of Cats Stories of Legend Chapters & Into The Future

Stories of Legend Chapters & Into The Future Stories of Legend chapters are significantly harder than the regular chapters, so it is highly recommended that you get 100% (or close to it) treasures in all previous 3 chapters. Cats here cost as much as they do in Chapter 2. In SoL, there is no God.… Read More »

The Batle Cats and Evangelion join forces

Can the Battle Cats Army save humanity from the Third Impact? The heroes of Evangelion will soon arrive to save The Batle Cats from the apocalypse! Starting April 17th 2018, a limited-time-only crossover event will bring spectacular stages and awesome characters from the smash hit anime phenomenon Evangelion to the weirdly cute strategy app The… Read More »