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Know the Battle Cats Enemy Units.

The battle cats game is awesome. Very addictive with the enemies units, your knowledge and winning streak in the Batle cats will never end. Check out the list below: [Doggy] Description: The most basic enemy unit is the Doggy. He is also the first enemy that you encounter.  Lovely Shiba-Dog and Battle Cat’s rival.Hopefully he is… Read More »

The Battle cats Units – Updated

The tables below show cat units each in their respective category. It is best to consult both tables and the Cat Release Order before modifying or creating new cat unit page. Names in italic are unofficial and will be changed if they are available in the English Version. Last update: September 3rd, 2017 as update version 6.4. Cats sorted… Read More »

The Way to Unlock the Battle Cats Delinquent Cat

Another unique and super rare character of The Battle Cats online game represents the opposite side of good. Introducing the Battle Cat Delinquent Cat, the trench-coat-dressing, peaked-cap-wearing Rare Cat Capsule spawn.  As the category suggests, Battle Cat Delinquent Cat is not your typical character. However, getting an overview of both his delinquent and amazing attributes… Read More »