What is The Battle Cats?

What is The Battle Cats? The Battle Cats is a mobile game developed by PONOS focused around cats taking over the world :3 Current BCEN Version: 3.5.0 Current BCJP Version: 4.5.0 Terminology We may use some words or phrases that sound unfamiliar, so here’s a heads up: Cat Food – The game’s premium currency. Obtained… Read More »

What you need to know about cat food

Cat Food Info # 1 Cats need protein of their cat food The cat food you feed your cat ought to at all times be wealthy in protein. This ought to usually come from meat, poultry or fish. Many cat food manufacturers promote rooster, beef and tuna tastes as a result of they know that… Read More »

Bitcoin trading and binary options

Binary options have grow to be more and more well-liked over the past 2 years. This kind of commerce was desired amongst new merchants as a result of they don’t have to purchase something, however solely predict whether or not the asset will transfer up or down in a given timeframe. These trades happen briefly… Read More »

Battle Cats Guide for New Players! How to Play

If you are new to Battle Cats, it is really a great thing that you are reading this post and will ultimately start playing the game! Battle Cats is an amazingly addictive game and something very good is going to happen to your life the moment you start playing it. Battle Cats was released back… Read More »

Why do cats purr?

As lengthy as there have been home cats, presumably longer, a query stored developing: Why do cats purr? Nobody can say for positive, however there are a variety of common theories. Some are fairly convincing, some are ridiculous, there are even just a few that go ridiculously far and huge into the loopy ramblings of… Read More »

Battle Cats Tips and Tricks

Battle Cats Tips and Tricks “Let’s try that again” or “I messed up but don’t want to waste energy” trick – If you are on a stage and close out of The Battle Cats app while playing, when you try resuming it, there will be a pop-up asking you if you want to start the… Read More »

What is your cat’s favorite cat litter box?

Many cat house owners have issues with not utilizing the cat litter field they’ve chosen for them. With a bit of understanding for her cat, the fitting cat bathroom sort might be shortly discovered for good cat bathroom habits. First, you need to study how your cat removes its waste. Does she rise up or… Read More »

The Battle Cats Interface Guide

Interface Topleft corner – Menu – Lets you pause the game and access the pause menu Topright corner – $ – How much $ you have for cat production Blue sun, midscreen – God Cat– Don’t tap on him! Bottomleft corner – Worker Cat – Increases ingame $ maximum and $ production. Tap to upgrade!… Read More »