Scottish fold cats

By | April 16, 2022
Scottish fold cats

Scottish Fold Cats have clearly folded ears that bend ahead and lean in opposition to the top. These medium sized, spherical cats have a brief neck, large spherical eyes, sturdy legs and an enormous, fluffy tail.


The coat of a Scottish Fold cat is medium size, gentle and durable with hairs that stand away from the physique and require little care. These cats are available in most colours and patterns.

All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight, unfolded ears that start to wrinkle after about 21 days. Most have just one fold, however by selective breeding some cats have a double and even triple fold, which locations the ear fairly flat in opposition to the top.

The Scottish Fold physique sort is medium-sized, with males weighing 9-13 lbs and females weighing between 6-9 lbs. These cats have spherical contours; their our bodies seem spherical and cushioned with brief muscular legs, their heads are arched above, the eyes are very spherical, huge and enormous, and their noses are brief and spherical.


Scottish fold cats have a candy nature and delicate temperament. They are sociable and good with kids, but in addition quiet and self-contained. Because of their repute as a loving companion they’re very keen on pets and are a bit costly in comparison with different common cat breeds.

Short Story

The unique Scottish Fold cat was a white, long-haired feminine cat present in a barn on a 1961 farm in Perthshire, Scotland. She had two kittens who had been born with folded ears neighbor farmer and cat lover named William Ross. Mr. Ross, who labored with geneticist Pat Turner, based the Scottish Fold cat breed. In three years they produced 76 kittens, 42 with folded ears and 34 with straight ears.

It is necessary to notice that Scottish Folds cannot be bred with different Scottish Folds due to the inherited paralyzing bone drawback. However, the gene that creases the ears is dominant, so folds might be bred with Straight-Eared cats.

Fear of ear issues resembling infections, mites and deafness have made Scottish folds unacceptable within the UK and Europe. Occasionally this breed was exported to America, the place it was established by crossing with British and American shorthairs. And other than an issue with wax accumulation within the ear, the preliminary considerations of ear mites and infections have proved unfounded.

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