The Battle Cats: Are There Good Alternative Games Available?

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The Battle Cats: Are There Good Alternative Games Available?

Amidst the simplicity of its gameplay mechanics, The Battle Cats game belongs to an intricate category under the strategy genre in video games. Some of the most common video game categories that The Battle Cats is a part of includes tower defensepuzzleaction, RTS (real-time strategy), and tug-of-war. To provide a broader scope of the subject at hand, check out our short list of some video game titles resembling that of The Battle Cats Game mechanics.


Pocket Tanks



Pocket Tanks can be considered as one of the ancestors of The Battle Cats game. This is due to the similarity of the various gameplay mechanics seen in both games. An example of these mechanics is the battlefield setup. As you may have noticed, both Pocket Tanks and The Battle Cats feature a 2D environment that houses each opposing team on each side. Another is the implementation of the tug-of-war gameplay mechanics.


Army Men Strike



Army Men Strike is another title that an avid fan of The Battle Cats game should play. Army Men Strike and The Battle Cats may have a slight difference in terms of the battlefield setup but both have a lot in common when it comes to gameplay. Just like The Battle Cats game, Army Men Strike also combines the elements found in RTS, tug-of-war and strategy games. Both Army Men Strike and The Battle Cats game also employs an expansive upgrade system using an in-game currency.


Lords Mobile



Lords Mobile is the perfect game for The Battle Cats fans who are looking for a more sophisticated form of gameplay. Like The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition, Lords Mobile also features resource-gathering mechanics. Aside from that, Lords Mobile also features a diverse selection of upgradable characters and bosses. In other words, The Lords Mobile is the buffed-up and complex version of The Battle Cats game.


The fact of the matter is that the Battle Cats game is an integration of the best gameplay elements found within the genre of strategy.