The Battle Cats “Flower Cat” Secrets

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The Battle Cats Flower Cat Secrets

Before we begin to uncover the secrets behind The Battle Cats Flower Cat, do take note that browsing through this page may affect your game experience due to some spoilers. With that out of the way, sit back and unearth the mystery concealed behind The Battle Cats Flower Cats.

The Battle Cat Flower Cat is part of the special cat category and does not cost anything to unlock. However, there is a trick in acquiring this very useful “secret” Battle Cats character. Do take into consideration that players can perform the method regardless of their level and does not have a definite count or time estimate for it to work.

Acquisition of Flower Cat


Spamming the right side of the doorknob is the key to this process. A “meow” will confirm that you are doing the right thing.

As mentioned before, there is no exact number or timeframe before the confirmation message appears, this means that you must continue executing the method. As long as you hear the “meow” sound, you should be able to unlock The Battle Cat Flower Cat eventually.

Just like any other characters in the game, the key to taking advantage of The Battle Cat Flower Cat’s abilities is through upgrades. Flower Cat at level 10 will evolve to Cooldown Cat while getting The Battle Cats true form (Bombercat) also involves a tricky process. In relation to that, we once again ask you to take note that the method may affect your gaming experience due to spoilers.

Unlocking Bombercat

 Bombercat, the true and ultimate form of Battle Cat Flower Cat, can be unlocked through a special stage called Bloomin’ Brightly. What makes the stage special is that it only appears on 2:22 am/pm on the 22nd day of the month and lasts for two minutes. But, don’t go chasing the schedule just yet, access to Bloomin’ Brightly requires the completion of The Future Chapter Three. If you want to learn more tips and tricks about The Battle Cats, make sure to visit the Battle cats reddit!