The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition: What You Must Know!

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The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition: What You Must Know!

Are you running low on Cat Food and XP? Or maybe looking for an alternative source of resources? Then, you are on the right page. As you may have known by now, progression in The Battle Cats online game requires an ample amount of resources. Just like most free-to-play titles, The Battle Cats game features multiple ways of acquiring in-game currencies and power-ups, and one of the most convenient methods is The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition.



For starters, Gamatoto is a cat who specializes in resource acquisition through expedition and exploration in a feature called The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition. Players can gain access to this quirk by clicking on the Gamatoto icon located on the main menu. For new players, The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition will become available upon the completion of the Greece level.

The Battle Cats Expedition


After completing the Greece level in The Battle Cats Rising chapter in The Empire of Cats, you will be able to see the Gamatoto icon on the main menu. Clicking on the icon will bring you to the main Battle Cats expedition page where you will find Gamatoto in front of his camp ready for an expedition.

Clicking on Gamatoto will bring up the destination menu where you will find all the details like the possible rewards and options for the duration of Gamatoto’s expedition, and the name of the areas you currently have access to. Do take note that Gamatoto’s level does not influence the number of items awarded at the end of each Battle Cats expedition missions. It does, however, play a major part in unlocking new areas. The number of items Gamatoto brings back from his expedition depends entirely on the area.



A timeline report for Gamatoto’s various activities at the end of each Battle Cats expedition will be available for the player to review, including the rewards. After which the player can send Gamatoto on a new Battle Cats expedition mission once again.


Expedition Helpers


Gamatoto will sometimes encounter and bring back an expedition helper from his Battle Cats expedition mission. Expedition helpers come in four distinct classes, the first class is called the Intern who can “slightly” increase the item pick-up chance, next is the Lackey who can “somewhat” increase the item pick up chance, followed by the Underling who can “greatly” increase the item pick-up chance, and the Assistant who “massively” increases the item pick-up chance. Gamatoto can have up to 10 expedition helpers and do take note that these are rare resources, so it is highly advised to collect and keep them for as long as you can.



Extra Bonus Item


Another thing to look out for at the end of each Battle Cats expedition is the appearance of extra bonus items half buried in the ground. Clicking on the item will give you a chance to obtain to the bonus by watching a short ad. Clicking “No” will summon a canine who will eventually snatch the item.



The Battle Cats expedition is a hassle-free and convenient way of acquiring resources. Sending Gamatoto to expeditions on a regular basis will unlock new areas. Taking advantage of this feature will eventually lead to the increase of your power-up and item cache.