The Battle Cats Guide: Ninja Cat Character

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The Battle Cats Guide: Ninja Cat Character

Commonly described as deadly and covert masters of sabotage, infiltration and assassination, the mercenaries of Feudal Japan known as Shinobis or Ninjas are anything but cute. In The Battle Cats universe, however, lies the cutest and deadly character called Ninja Cat who appears after the completion of level 6 in the first chapter of the Empire of Cats. As the first combat-ready character under the category of “Special Cats,” spending 50 Cat Food to unlock this character is totally worth it.


Who is Ninja Cat?


For starters, Ninja Cat has one of the fastest cooldown speed and cheapest summoning cost in The Battle Cats game. The combination of these two attributes makes Ninja Cat a “spam” character who is perfect for defensive maneuvers. Aside from that, Ninja Cat is also capable of rapid attacks inflicting multi-hit damage rate of up to two hits per strike. Ninja Cat is also strong against red enemies, which is perhaps one of the most useful quirks in the early parts of the game.



Just like the rest of the characters found in The Battle Cats roster, Ninja Cat also has its own set of weaknesses to complement some of the overpowered attributes of the character. Most conspicuous is the reduced power, range, and area of attack to counter his agile onslaught.



In terms of evolution, upgrading Ninja Cat will enable you to unlock his other forms. At level 10, for some unexplained reasons, Ninja Cat will evolve to a slightly more powerful Ninja Frog Cat. Upgrading Ninja Frog Cat to Flying Ninja Cat, on the other hand, requires the player to take on two special stages called Ninja Awakens!



Ninja Awakens is composed of two stages, Stage 1 (Hard) and Stage 2 (Hard+). Do take note that these special stages are timed events that appear in the “Legend Stages” with no definite schedule. This means that players who want to unlock the final form of Ninja Cat will need to check the Legend Stages from time to time.  Apply your new found knowledge in The Battle Cats PC! For more information, check out the The Battle Cats reddit section.