The Battle Cats Guide to Catseyes and Hypermaxing

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The Battle Cats Guide to Catseyes and Hypermaxing

I cannot find the correct term, so whether is Cat’s Eyes or Catseyes, I will be referring to it as Catseyes or Catseye. Hypermaxing is using Catseyes to upgrade a cat’s level beyond 30+ to become stronger. This is very useful and essential for late game stages.


What are Catseyes

Catseyes are items that allow you to increase a cat’s max level past level 30. Valkyrie, Bahamut, SoL Story Cats such as Ururun, and Metal Cat are the only exceptions.

How to Achieve Catseyes

Catseyes can be brought back from Gamatoto expeditions at different areas.

  • Gamatoto Stages
  • Tomb of Gold – Level 19. EX cat eye.
  • Eagle Fields – Level 24. Rare cat eye.
  • Traitor’s Trench – Level 30. Super Rare cat eye.
  • Mt. Parabola – Level 36. Uber Rare cat eye.

*You must be user rank 1600 to unlock these stages.

Hypermaxing Battle Cats

How to Use Catseyes

You must have a user rank of 1600 and collect that reward in order to start using catseyes. They can be seen in the top right corner of the upgrade screen. To use one, upgrade a cat to level 30 and tap the Level Cap UP! button. This will use 1 catseye and allow you to use XP to upgrade it to level 31. You can continue doing this until level 40.

What is Hypermaxing

Hypermaxing is upgrading a cat to it’s highest possible level. Catseyes allow cats to achieve their highest potential with higher damage and health. This is an essential feature late-game to beat very difficult SoL levels.

What Cats Should Be Hypermaxed

Because these eyes aren’t easy to come by, you should think carefully about what you use them on. Don’t upgrade cats that have are used for it’s ability. Of course, it’s extra health is useful, but upgrading a cat does not affect it’s ability. Pirate Cat, for example, is great for knocking back red enemies, but is useless for damage. Paris Cat, however, is a great cat, and hypermaxing her, she gains even more damage to her already high amount. Also, don’t spread out the upgrades. It’s much better to fully upgrade one cat than upgrade 10 cats once.


Some people argue that you shouldn’t upgrade specials and I can agree with this. However, Lil Cats are probably the best choice if you decide to do so.

Eraser>Jamiera/King Dragon/Island/Macho Legs>Lion>Flying>Dark>Macho

The battle Cats Rares


Players are hoping we can upgrade to level 50 in the future. That’s unlikely to happen, but you may decide to save the eyes just in case. Use any extra on ones you use a lot.

The Battle Cats Super Rares

This really depends on if you can upgrade Crazed Cats to level 30. It requires a VERY high user rank.

Crazed Cats: Eraser>King Dragon>Macho Legs/Island/Flying>Jamiera>Lion>Dark>Mohawk

Non-Crazed: Drama/Delinquent/Bath/Ring Girl/Bodhi are good ideas to upgrade.

The Battle Cats Uber Super Rares

This one is up to you. There are so many Ubers that it’s unlikely you’ll have many of the ones I were to list. Upgrade the ones you use a lot. Aphrodite was my first choice, Gao is another.

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