The Battle Cats Interface Guide

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The Battle Cats Interface Guide


Topleft cornerMenu – Lets you pause the game and access the pause menu

Topright corner$ – How much $ you have for cat production

Blue sun, midscreenGod Cat– Don’t tap on him!

Bottomleft cornerWorker Cat – Increases ingame $ maximum and $ production. Tap to upgrade! Maxes at level 8.

Bottomright corner Cat Cannon – Gradually charges up during the battle. When fully charged, it will glow and you can tap it to fire a beam that travels along the battlefield.

Bottom screenCats – Tap to produce cats! There are 10 cat slots, but only 5 can be shown at a time. Swipe up/down to rotate between the first and second row. (You can swipe up and down to rotate the rows ONLY if you have more than 5 cats unlocked. You can change the order of how they are shown in the equip screen.)

How to play

The goal of each battle is to reduce the opponent’s base’s HP to 0. When your base’s HP hits 0, you lose the battle. You first must save up $ (obtained by waiting or defeating enemies) and when you have enough, you can produce cats to fight for you. After producing a cat, the cat unit will go on cooldown and you will have to wait until it’s over to produce the same cat again. During the course of the battle, the Cat Cannon will charge up. When it is fully charged, you can fire it to knockback and damage all enemies the beam hits.


Basic Cats

There are 9 basic cats that you unlock as you progress through Chapter 1. They gain a boost in stats when you level them up (by using XP). When they reach level 10, they evolve, gaining an additional increase in stats and a change in appearance. The max level for the basic cats is 10 before beating Chapter 2 (although there is a way to bypass this, explained further down). After beating Chapter 2, basic cats can only be leveled with XP until level 20. Further upgrades will require additional copies of the cat, obtained from the normal gacha. For every additional cat used to upgrade a basic cat, its level becomes “Max + __”, the number reflecting the additional times it has been upgraded. At “Max +10”, the basic cat will gain a True Form, gaining significant stats, a new appearance, and sometimes a special ability. In version 2 The Battle Cats, there is a new system that can level up your cats to level 30; the User Rank system.

Basic Cats:

Cat -> Macho Cat -> Mohawk Cat

Tank Cat -> Wall Cat -> Eraser Cat

Axe Cat -> Brave Cat -> Dark Cat

Gross Cat -> Sexy Legs Cat -> Macho Leg Cat

Cow Cat -> Giraffe Cat -> Lion Cat

Bird Cat -> UFO Cat -> The Flying Cat

Fish Cat -> Whale Cat -> Island Cat

Lizard Cat -> Dragon Cat -> King Dragon Cat

Titan Cat -> Mythical Titan Cat -> Jamiera Cat


In the Upgrade menu, you can upgrade all the cats you have unlocked with XP. Before beating Chapter 2, the max cat level is 10. Afterwards, max cat level (upgradable by XP) is 20. Cats can further be upgraded with additional copies of the cat (must be done by accessing the cat storage, which can be accessed from one of the gacha menus), the level becoming “Max+__”, the number being the additional upgrades. The current maximum level for Special Cats is Max (30), for Rare Cats is Max+40 (70), for Super and Uber Rare Cats is Max+30 (60) (excluding the crazed cats), for Basic Cats is Max+40 (60), and for Cat Base Skills is Max +10 (30) (excluding Cat Cannon Range).


You can also upgrade Cat Base skills in this menu.

Cat Base Skills:

Cat Cannon Power- Increases the damage done by the Cat Cannon, but increases charge time

Cat Cannon Range- Increases the range of the Cat Cannon

Cat Cannon Charge- Decreases charge time of the Cat Cannon

Cat Base HP- Increases HP of your Cat Base

Cat Efficiency- Increases the rate at which you gain $ in battle

Cat Wallet- Increases the max amount of $ you can store in battle

Cat Production- Decreases the cooldown of cats in battle

Cat Accounting- Increases the money you get from defeating enemies in battle

Cat Studies- Increases the amount of XP you get when you finish a stage

Cat Energy- Increases your total cat energy



Treasures are items that have a random chance of dropping when finishing a stage in Chapters 1,2, or 3. While the chance of a treasure dropping from a stage is completely random, the chance can be increased to 100% by using a “Treasure Radar” power-up or during a Treasure Festival event where treasure drop rates are increased. Treasures come in 3 qualities: Inferior, Normal, and Superior. Unlocking all the treasures (no matter the quality) for a specific section of the Cat Treasures menu will unlock a Buff. The strength of the Buff depends on the quality of the treasures for it. Unlocked Buffs carry over for all the chapters, including the Stories of Legend.


Buffs: (Unlocked in order)

Energy Drink (Stages 1-7)- Increases the rate at which you gain $ in battle

Cat Vault (Stages 8-11) – Increases max amount of $ you can store in battle

Relativity Clock (Stages 12-16) – Reduces cat cooldown time in battle

Philosopher Stone (Stages 17-23)- Increases the XP you gain from completing stages

Reflexive Shielding (Stages 24-26) – Increases HP of Cat Base

Cash Register (Stages 27-29) – Increases the $ you gain from defeating enemies in battle

Legendary Cat Shield (Stages 30-32) – Increases HP of cat units

Legendary Cat Sword (Stages 33-39)- Increases Attack of cat units

Fusion Core (Stages 40-45) – Increases Cat Cannon attack and charge rate

Turbo Engine (Stage 46) – Decreases time for Cat Cannon to charge

Cat Management Bible (Stages 47-48) – Increases Cat energy


Chapter 4,5 and 6 (Into The Future) Buffs:

<NOTE: unlike the previous chapters, treasures are spread out and not linear>

Aqua Crystal (Stages: Japan, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Greece, India, Cambodia, and Australia) – More damage against aliens

Plasma Crystal (Stages: Madagascar, Egypt, South Africa, Machu Picchu, Mexico, Alaska, New York, and Brazil) – More damage against aliens

Ancient Tablet (Stages: Korea, China, and Mongolia) – Cat base defense increased

Mysterious Force (Stage: The Great Abyss) – Cat cannon recharge time decreased

Cosmic Energy (Stages: Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Monaco) – Cat cannon attack increased

Void Fruit (Stages: Sahara, Ghana, Argentina, and Easter Island) – Abilities used on Black enemies more effective

Blood Fruit (Stages: Philippines, Singapore, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia) – Abilities used on Red enemies more effective

Sky Fruit (Stages: Colombia, Jamaica, Hollywood, and Las Vegas) – Abilities used on Floating enemies more effective

Heaven’s Fruit (Stages: Canada, Greenland, NASA, and Bermuda) – Abilities used on Angel enemies more effective (It does not decreases your cat production time, typo from PONOS)

Time Machine (Stages: Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Nepal, and Thailand)- Energy recovery speed increased

Future Tech (Stages: Floating Continent and Moon)- Increase energy by 30 at 100% (Does not increase XP drop, typo from PONOS)


Cat Capsules


The cat capsules are essentially a lottery. You use a ticket and get a random cat/skill in return. The normal cat capsule (green icon) requires a silver ticket and will only drop basic cats and cat base skills. Normal cat capsules can only be spun once for 1 silver ticket, or 10 times for 10 silver tickets. Silver tickets are obtained via daily login reward or through a Silver Ticket Stage (available only for 1 hour, but have a schedule on when they occur). The rare cat capsule requires 150 Cat Food or a Golden Ticket (obtained as a gift from PONOS during holidays/special events, or through regular cat capsule trading, see FAQ for more details). Rare cat capsules can only be spun once for 150 cat food or 1 rare cat ticket, or 11 times with 1500 cat food (Cannot be spun 10 times for 10 rare cat tickets). Normally, the only cats available are “Rare” and “Super Rare” cats, but during events, you can obtain certain “Uber Rare” cats and Collaboration cats by switching the capsule type to its specific event (as seen on the top left of the screen). In the cat capsule menu (both of them), you can also access the Cat Storage function, where all the cats /skills obtained through the cat capsule are stored. By selecting a cat/skill in the storage, you can use it to level up a cat, exchange it for XP, or trade it in for a golden ticket (see FAQ)

Note: As of Version 2, using 1 cat you already have will + it; it will no longer level that cat one level up.


Cat Capsule Events: Usually there will be a gacha event during which time certain Ultra Rare cats will be available in the cat capsules. Cat capsule events alternate and last usually around 5 days, so you can wait for a cat capsule event with cats you want before using your golden tickets or spending cat food. When there isn’t a gacha event, the only available Uber Rare cat is Nekoluga. There is also an event called “Uber Rare Confirm,” during which using a 10x rare cat capsule roll will guarantee an Uber Rare Cat as the last cat (this event occurs in tandem with the regular rare cat capsule events).

Cat Capsule events:

Tales from the Nekoluga

The Dynamites

Sengoku Wargods Vajiras

Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals

Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors

Red Busters

Support Units*(Neneko, Gold Macho, Cat Base Mini, and Metal Macho)

Super Ancient Hero Ultra Souls

Dark Heroes

Survive! Mola Mola**

Metal Slug Defense**

Halloween Capsules***

Christmas Capsules***

Lucky Capsules (Li’l series and items)***


*(Rich Cat III, Sniper the Recruit and Freshman Cat Jobs)

*Only available during certain special events (specifically most colabs and updates)

**Collaboration event

***Limited Time Event

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