The Battle Cats Titan Introduction

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The Battle Cats Titan Introduction

As the final entry to the normal cat category in The Battle Cats roster, Battle Cat Titan is a very much-welcomed character in your line-up of normal Battle Cats. Titan Cat, as the name suggests, is a statuesque character boasting with high HP and attack power. Access to Battle Cat Titan requires 8000 XP after completing the 24th stage in the Empire of Cats.



Upgrading is the most effective way to get the most out of Battle Cat Titan’s abilities. At level 10, Battle Cat Titan will evolve to Mythical Titan Cat. His third and true form called Jamiera Cat can be unlocked using Cat Unit Drops from Cat Tickets.



Battle Cat Titan Pros and Cons


At first glance, Battle Cat Titan seems to have all the necessary attributes to dominate any stage in the game due to his stature. However, just like all the other characters in the game, Battle Cat Titan comes with some weak traits for you to consider before summoning him to the field. The first thing to take into account is that Battle Cat Titan is not a fast-moving character which means that it may take him quite some time to reach the enemy’s base. Not only that, but Battle Cat Titan also has a limited range of attack, slow cooldown rate, and is very expensive to summon.



Once you get over Battle Cat Titan’s weak points, you will have the access to his tenacious characteristics, especially in his evolved and true forms. For one, Battle Cat Titan in his true form possesses a very high HP and attack power along with an improved rate and range of his attacks. That’s not all, Battle Cat Titan will also have the capability to knock back advancing enemies which is very useful when facing strong enemy tanks. Check out our helpful articles in our The Battle Cats reddit section. To get started, download The Battle Cats PC today!