The Way to Unlock the Battle Cats Delinquent Cat

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The Way to Unlock the Battle Cats Delinquent Cat

Another unique and super rare character of The Battle Cats online game represents the opposite side of good. Introducing the Battle Cat Delinquent Cat, the trench-coat-dressing, peaked-cap-wearing Rare Cat Capsule spawn.  As the category suggests, Battle Cat Delinquent Cat is not your typical character. However, getting an overview of both his delinquent and amazing attributes will provide you with the much-needed head start on what to expect by the time you get hold of this character.



Battle Cat Delinquent Cat Characteristics


In line with the undesirable traits of the Delinquent Cat is his slow movement speed, expensive cost, lengthy recharge rate, poor attack range, and a mediocre chance to execute his special ability to freeze floating enemies. However, once you get to pass through all the weak characteristics of Delinquent Cat, all that’s left are the great characteristics that are bad for the enemies.

Speaking of which, the Battle Cat Delinquent Cat is equipped with multiple powerful and quick area attack quirks that come with an impressive DPS rate. Despite the expensive production cost, the Battle Cat Delinquent Cat has a reasonable summoning cost given the quantity of damage inflicted. In other words, the Battle Cat Delinquent Cat can provide you the best value for your money.



The Battle Cat Delinquent Cat, just like most of its peers, can also be enhanced or evolved into two more forms.  At level 10, Delinquent Cat evolves to Angry Delinquent Cat that comes with an improved damage and HP. Evolving Angry Delinquent Cat to its Final Form, the Ultra Delinquent Cat, will require the use of Cat Fruit in Level 30. The term “Ultra” in the Battle Cat Ultra Delinquent Cat is not just for exaggeration purposes. In fact, Ultra Delinquent Cat is powerful enough to substitute any Battle Cats listed under the Uber Rare category.



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