Upgrades for The Battle Cats? What Are They?

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Upgrades for The Battle Cats? What Are They?

There is much more to just Cats in The Battle Cats! Read more for other game features of this adorable game. Note that the following are upgrades that you can perform in The Battle Cats.

Cat Research

This allows you to produce cats faster, which means more cats on the battlefield.

Cat Study

The sooner it is leveled, the more it will be worth it in the long term.

Worker Cat Efficiency

The higher level rises, the faster the money is generated, to put more cats on the battlefield.

Cat Accounting

level up and earn more money for each enemy that dies.

Worker Cat Wallet

Increases your maximum money. More money means the ability to produce several cats at the same time, if necessary.

Cat Energy

Increases the maximum amount of energy. However, the speed at which the energy is recharged does not increase with this upgrade.

Base Defense

This upgrade increases the health of the Cat Base, making it stronger and less vulnerable to incoming attacks.


With all these upgrades, there’s so much you can do other than fighting using your cat army and unlocking new cats! Read more about the various cats that you can unlock here! By understanding more about their strengths and weaknesses, you will be on your way to being the next cat master!

Download and play The Battle Cats on your PC today!