What are the 16 Strong Spirits?

By | April 16, 2022
What are the 16 Strong Spirits?

What is a Strongman ?

A strongman is a high-level demon spirit of the principality, sitting on thrones in the spirit realm and ruling over the evil spirits that function in the earth. These evil spirits can rule over sure geographical areas of the earth, they’ll work in church buildings and be handed down by means of generations in a household, and so they may dwell in a person. We all the time need to do not forget that our wrestle is in the non secular realm. Our battle isn’t towards flesh and blood women and men. Our wrestle is directed towards principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and towards non secular malice in excessive locations. These are the demonic spirits that constructed thrones in the second heaven to forestall us from coming into the third heaven the place God dwells. These forces block our prayers, our salvation, our freedom, and so they have come right down to earth to enter the hearts and minds of males.

How does a powerful man come?

A robust man can achieve entry if a door has been left open for the satan to achieve entry. When the enemy good points entry to a selected space, a powerful man or ruling spirit can have management. Lesser evil spirits will observe as manifestations of the strongman, however to do away with the evil spirits, you have to first start at the root by coping with the robust man. To be free from these robust folks, liberation should happen and you have to bind the robust and lose the Holy Spirit.

The Word tells us that when a powerful man like Satan is absolutely armed and guarding his palace, his property is protected till somebody even stronger, assaults and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons and carries his belongings away , We got the authority of Jesus to enter the enemy's camp and bind him and take away his items. These items embrace our marriages, our youngsters, our companies, our church buildings, and the most essential misplaced souls. Everything the satan has stolen from us is a part of getting into and taking it again. The Bible says that the Kingdom of Heaven has been pushed by violence and violent folks are attacking it. We have been allowed to penetrate the enemy and return the items beneath the safety of Jesus Christ.

16 Demonic Strongman Spirits

There are 16 demonic Strongman spirits of which the Bible speaks of. Jesus has given us energy and dominion over all of them to forestall them from performing whereas we pray for the Holy Spirit to come back in and take over. We lose the Holy Ghost to face the scenario, to launch the prisoner, to deliver mild into the darkness, to take away the chains which have sure us, and to proclaim freedom. We have been given the keys to heaven, and the whole lot we bind to the earth might be sure in heaven and no matter we lose on the earth might be solved in heaven.

. 1 Divination

2. Familiar

3. Jealousy

4. Lying

5. Perverts

6. Haughtiness

7. Heavy

8. Whore

9. Affliction

10. Dumb and deaf

11. Bondage

12. Fear

13. Seduction

14. Antichrist

15. Error

16. Death

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