What Is Moneko Capable Of in The Battle Cats?

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What Is Moneko Capable Of in The Battle Cats?

Described as someone who dreams to become an idol and through hard work has achieved it, Battle Cats Moneko is another one of those unique characters found in The Battle Cats online game. In her base form, Battle Cats special character Moneko stands on a crate podium dressed in ordinary clothing. At level 10, Moneko will evolve to Miss Moneko dressed in a flashy outfit performing on a classy mini-stage complete with flashing lights.



Battle Cat Moneko Strengths and Weaknesses


Similar to Battle Cats special character Bahamut, Moneko or Miss Moneko, in her evolved form, is a special character awarded to players after clearing the first chapter of Empire of Cats. Categorized as a tank character, Battle Cats Moneko’s base form is all but weak and fragile given her short-range attacks and slow movement. Aside from that, there are only two forms available for Battle Cats Moneko instead of the usual three.



Despite her weak stats, many veteran players favor the use of this character during the early levels of The Battle Cats game. This is due to Battle Cats Moneko’s very low summoning cost of $99 which is the second cheapest spawn price found in the game. Compared to the basic tank cat and wall cat (evolved), Battle Cats Moneko provides a lot more health and critical hit towards the opponent, making her one of the best shield characters in The Battle Cats online game. Her evolved-form Miss Moneko is also known to be an effective character against Metal-based enemies in the game specifically in the Cyclone Stage called Attack on Titanium.



Battle Cats Moneko and Miss Moneko (evolved form) are only useful during the early stages of the game and some event stages that requires critical hitting characters. In other words, Battle Cats Moneko is a special character for special types of levels. Learn more about the gameplay mechanics, notable characters, and much more in our The Battle Cats Reddit Page