What is The Battle Cats?

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What is The Battle Cats?

What is The Battle Cats?
The Battle Cats is a mobile game developed by PONOS focused around cats taking over the world :3 Current BCEN Version: 3.5.0 Current BCJP Version: 4.5.0

We may use some words or phrases that sound unfamiliar, so here’s a heads up:

Cat Food – The game’s premium currency. Obtained via many methods, such as downloading apps from Tapjoy to completing a sub-chapter/star difficulty in SoL
XP (Or experience) – The game’s in-game currency. Obtained when you beat a stage, or when you “trade in” cats/abilities
Gacha/Cat Capsules – The system in which you obtain new cats (in-depth explanation below)
SoL/Stories of Legend Chapters – A chapter that has significantly difficult stages sorted into sub-chapters that should not be attempted until the player has progressed through most of the main story or has already beaten all the chapters. Unlocked after beating Chapter 1. Before chapter 1, it appears as “Event Stages”
Power ups – Items that can be equipped before a battle to give the player an advantage.
Buffs – Buffs are unlocked by collecting enough treasures and increases your cats’ stats or the cat bases’ skills.
Proc Rate – Ability chance; the chance for a unit’s skill to activate.
Meatshield/Stallers – Cats used solely as a sacrifice to slow down the enemies’ advance and to protect the stronger cats. Usually refers to Cat and Tank Cat.

Silver Ticket – Item that lets you play the normal gacha once. Obtained as a daily reward, a possible reward from the time-limited stages, a drop from the silver ticket stage, a gift from PONOS, or a drop from Siege of Hippoe/Love, Metal Hippoe..
Gold/Rare Cat Ticket – Item that lets you play the premium gacha once for free. 10 tickets will NOT activate the 10x gacha/rare cat capsule. Obtainable only as a gift from PONOS (usually on holidays/celebrations), a possible reward from time-limited stages, or by trading in 5 silver cat tickets.
AOE/Area Attack– An attack that damages multiple units.


The Basics

battle cats menu

battle cats menu

This is the first menu you are greeted with when playing Battle Cats. Clicking “Play” allows you to select the chapter you wish to play, while clicking “Settings” allows you to adjust game settings and view the intro/exit texts. When first playing The Battle Cats, only Chapter 1 will be available. You can only unlock the Stories of Legend and Chapter 2 after beating it.

“User Rank” Shows the total level of all your cats combined (including +’s). Unlocked after beating chapter 2 and having over 800 “levels.” Clicking the scroll to the left lets you unlock new level caps for your cats if you have reached a certain user rank.
Current User Rank Rewards:
<800 (User Rank unlocked) = Basic Cats MAX Lv20+19, Special Cats MAX Lv20, Rare, Super, and Uber Super Rare Cats = MAX Lv20+9
800 = Rare Cat ticket
900 = Rare Cats MAX Lv 25
1000 = Super Rare Cats MAX Lv 25
1100 = Uber Super Rare Cats MAX Lv 25
1200 = Rare Cats MAX Lv 30
1300 = Super Rare Cats MAX Lv 30
1400 = Uber Super Rare Cats MAX Lv 30
1500 = Basic Cats Lv MAX +25
1600 = Special Cats MAX Lv 30
1700 = Basic Cats Lv MAX +30
1800 = Rare Cats Lv MAX +20
1900 = Rare Cats Lv MAX +30
2000 = Super Rare Cats Lv MAX +20
2100 = Uber Super Rare Cats Lv MAX +20
2200 = Rare Cat Ticket
2300 = Rare Cats Lv MAX +40 (Think about the Paris Cat)
2400 = Super Rare Cats Lv MAX +30
2500 = Uber Super Rare Cats Lv MAX +30
2600 = Rare Cat Ticket
2700 = Able to use more combos
*There are more User Rank Rewards than those listed above

“Battle” brings you to the map, where you choose what stage you want to play. You need cat energy to play stages, which is restored at the rate of 1 energy per minute. There are also various powerups you can equip from the map:
Speed Up: Increases the game’s speed by x2. Note that using Speed Up will not affect time-limited event stages’ scores.

Treasure Radar: Guarantees treasure drops upon clear on stages. If you use this on the Crazed Cats, it will refund your radar back.

Rich Cat: Automatically maxes out your wallet level to 8, allowing faster money gain at the beginning of a battle.

Cat CPU: Allows a CPU to take control of your army. Extremely useful for spamming purposes.

Cat Jobs: Increases XP drop by 1.5x. upon stage clear.

Sniper the Cat: Deploys a Cat in a hot-air balloon behind your base to attack the closest enemy to your base in the battlefield. Deals damage proportional to your Cat Base health.

“Upgrade” brings you to a menu of all your cats where you can spend XP to upgrade them. You can also upgrade cat base skills here too.
“Equip” brings you to a menu where you choose which cats to bring into battle (10 max) and view your combos. You can save up to 3 set-ups once you beat Chapter 3, and up to 10 by purchasing each individual set-up for 90 Cat Food.
“Treasures” (Only available after beating Stage 1-7 and in Chapters 1,2,3) allows you to view your current treasures.
”Enemy Units” shows you all the enemies you have encountered so far in the game.
“Store” (at the bottom) brings up a store where you can purchase power-ups with Cat Food.
2 Cat Capsule Icons (one green, one gold) bring you to cat and rare cat menu, respectively.
“i”(Information) (Green button at top-rightish side) Opens a pop-up that describes the current rare cat capsule event, and any other events happening.

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